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Less than 1% of high school students enroll in AP computer science courses

Within the next 10 years, there will be 1 Million more IT jobs than computer science students

Teaching programming just twice a week has measured a significant increase in math test scores after a few months.

Coding is one of the fastest growing industries right now and skills are in high demand with an average starting salary of almost $100,000. Yet, they are in low supply as less than 3% of college students and less than 1% high school students gain experience in computer science. If we don't improve the rate at which we teach our students then there will be an excess of 1 million jobs than qualified students by 2020. The reason, with the current resources available to schools coding is hard to learn and even harder to teach. We make it easy to learn and fun for you and your students to as they gain confidence and skills in this critical and growing career field. The result: Your students are the top of the field when applying to competitive colleges and even beyond, as they take that step towards the workforce.


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You have encouraged us, empowered us, and educated us. And you will continue to for many more students - to equip youth to change the future.

We want to say thank you for that

We want to equip you with a new skill for yourself and your students. And to show you how much we care we want to teach 50 teachers how to code this fall for FREE.

Courses We Offer

Maker-Based HTMLMaker-Based HTML & CSS

Give your students an intro into coding with our HTML and CSS course.

Students will be introduced to coding as they learn to build beautiful websites from scratch in a semester. In this introduction course they'll learn many of the core principles of web development like using a text editor, the strict syntax of coding, debugging code, inspecting elements, and getting their creations live online for the world to see.

They'll also gain the valuable soft skills of skill acquisition and collaboration, confidence to try new things and learn from their mistakes, and develop their online portfolio as they work on their mid-semester and end-of-semester site projects.

Maker-Based JavascriptMaker-Based Javascript

Give your students an intro to Computer Science principals with our Javascript course.

Students will learn all about JQuery and Javascript as they become able to make great user experiences through interactive websites. In this introduction course students will master the core principles of Computer Science through Javascript such as variables, functions, controlling flow, objects, classes, methods and prototypes.

They'll take these Comp Sci building blocks to the web through Jquery as they learn to listen to event handlers and manipulate the DOM in response to the events. The result - they'll be able to make great user experiences with their own interactive websites.

Many more courses coming Spring 2015!

Do you have a passion to learn how to code and how to give your students this life changing skill set


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Ryan Bonhardt

Ryan Bonhardt

Founder of Maker Based Education

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Pro Dev And Support

We don’t just create a curriculum and ship it to you. We take the time to mentor you and then provide teacher support throughout the school year so that you can be confident in teaching your students.

Be a part of a community

Every educator that goes through our program is a part of the family. A family of incredible educators with not only high expectations for their students, but themselves too. Be a part of this awesome community.

Student-Tested Courses

We’ve created and tested the courses with over 14,000 students worldwide so that any student will be successful. Teachers have been amazed at how all levels of students are performing equally across the board.

And classroom approved

We didn’t stop there. We then worked with educators to make sure our courses easily fit into your school’s day and grading period structure. The result: a complete curriculum with video lesson, projects, and assignments. But one that gives you flexibility to run the classroom how you want

Flexible Blended-Learning

Students move at different speeds and one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why all of our curriculum is delivered online. The result - students can learn at a pace that works best for them. And you get to spend your time doing what you’re really good at: one-on-one teaching and mentoring.

Project-Based Curriculum

In today’s economy, you have to create to succeed. All of our courses are project-based so the students learn by doing and apply their knowledge to a project. Students stay excited as they work on a project they care about and have creations they’ve built at the end of the course.

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We’re confident that you’re going to have an amazing experience with us and so confident that we’re putting our results on the line.

If at any point in the first 6 months you are not completely wowed and excited about your newly acquired ability to teach coding and you don’t see students’ eyes lighting up then just let us know and you will never owe us a thing.

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